Juliette Belfiore
July 20, 2021

Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) : a new program for Amazon sellers!

The Brand Referral Bonus is an opportunity to earn a bonus for product sales driven by non-Amazon marketing efforts that are measured by Amazon Attribution

With BRB, you can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales to be credited toward your referral fees on a monthly basis. 

PixelMe is one of the unique Amazon Attribution partners. You can directly connect your Amazon Attribution account to PixelMe and earn your bonus by using powerful short links.

Amazing, isn’t it? 💥

➡️ For instance, your Facebook ads cost you some money, but you can get a part back on your Amazon account! Your marketing effort is finally rewarded with Amazon. And the more traffic you bring, the more opportunities you have to earn a bonus.

Who is concerned about it?

For now, this new program has been launched only to US 🇺🇸 Amazon Sellers Brand Owners registered for the Amazon Brand Registry which sell products on Amazon.com

You also need to have been registered on Amazon Attribution.

How to get started with BRB?

  • Join the Brand Referral Bonus program
  • Log in to the Amazon Attribution console to generate tags and apply them to your non-Amazon marketing ads campaigns
  • Set up Amazon Attribution measurement across your non-Amazon marketing campaigns
  • Launch your ads campaigns
  • Visit the Amazon Attribution report center to review your campaign results.
  • View your earned bonus on a monthly basis in the Transaction Details page of your Seller account. Or, download your weekly Brand Referral Bonus Report in Seller Central

➡️ On the PixelMe side, just create your account here! And connect your Amazon Attribution account. We'll manage the rest.

When will you receive your bonus?

Eligible brands will receive their bonus on the 10th day of the month, beginning August 10, 2021. The bonus will be used to pay future referral fees. There is a 2 months wait time before the bonus is credited to your account. For example, if a qualified sale occurred in June, the bonus will be credited to your account on August 10th.

🆕 New to Amazon Attribution? Visit the help center for step-by-step instructions on how to set up Amazon Attribution tags across your non-Amazon campaigns.